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When Jim Lahey of New York’s Sullivan Street Bakery talked about his no-knead bread in a New York Times article several years ago, he touched off a revolution in home bread baking. Jim claimed that this method is so simple that a 4-year old can do it. So, I guess that means most all of us can handle the task.

Friend Nicole sent me one of Lahey’s no-knead recipes a couple of years ago. I read it and scoffed. Couldn’t imagine how it could produce a decent loaf. Was I ever wrong!

No-knead white bread

This innovation in bread baking is a simple and fool-proof method that rewards the novice with a perfect “professional” looking and tasting loaf.

A major plus that I have found with this method is that the basic rustic white bread recipe is so easily – and successfully – adapted to a variety of other interesting breads. I have made a hearty multi-grain honey whole wheat, a wonderful pseudo Kosher rye, a truly mouthwatering Kalamata Olive Bread , in addition to an every day crusty and delicious white version.

The only “special equipment” you need is a covered cast iron casserole. The cover on the pot does away with the need to add a pan of water or mist the loaf like you have seen in other crusty bread recipes. The covered cooking pots pictured here are some of those we’ve used to bake this great bread. Cast iron is probably best, but other oven-proof covered dishes can also work.

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