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There is a great variety of ethnic breads in North America and throughout the World. Some, such as the Native American Frybread, probably fail most tests for being healthy. Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoy Navajo frybread on a nearby reservation when we visit during Indian Day celebrations. Others are multi-day traditional baking projects in French, Italian, Greek and a host of other ethnic kitchens. Many of these, though, have been modified by modern day homemakers so that they are quicker and less complicated to prepare and bake. Try a pita bread, focaccia, or bagel recipe and wow your family with your baking expertise.

pita bread
School children frequently have assignments to prepare breads and other foods as a part of learning about distant cultures and nationalities.


EasyBreadBaking welcomes family bread recipes submitted by students of all ages and will post them in this section.

We look forward to seeing recipes for your traditional breads that have become favorites in your families. Please include any family stories relating to your ethnic baking that you’d like to share with visitors to EasyBreadBaking.

What great recipe does your family have?

Many of us have fond memories of traditional or ethnic recipes relating to our ancestors. Or we have adopted new recipes from other cultures. What is a great recipe that has been handed down in your family, or a new recipe that you have adopted from another culture? Do you have a story about this recipe?

Pita Bread Recipe

Focaccia Recipe

Bagel Recipe

Mexican Chile Cheese Bread

Irish Soda Bread

Day of the Dead Bread

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