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Your bread won't rise? Ask the Baker! What is gluten? What does it look like when the dough has doubled in bulk? Do you have to knead bread? How long should you knead quick breads? (This is a trick question.) You guessed it; Ask the Baker! Between us and our hundreds of readers, we are sure to come up with an answer to your question or a solution to your problem.

Or how about some of you experienced bakers sharing some of your less than perfect moments when baking bread? What happened and what did your learn?

So, here goes...

Ask the Baker!

Do you want to bake bread but have been afraid to try? Or have you tried, and it just didn't come out right? Here's your chance to get your questions answered. Ask the Baker! If he can't answer, one of our readers will!

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High altitude bread baking 
I’ve been told not to bother trying to bake bread because we live in the mountains of Montana and it just won’t work well. Is there any way overcome this …

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