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EasyBreadBaking believes:

Successfully baking wonderful bread is something that anyone can learn.
• If I can do it, anyone can do it.
• If you set your fear aside and jump right in, YOU can do it, too!
• You can learn all you need to know right here at EasyBreadBaking.com.

We know that you can bake great bread for your family for a small fraction – less than 10% - of what you would pay for a loaf of Home baked artisan breadartisan bread in an upscale city bakery. It is very likely that your home made bread will be better tasting and more nutritious than a $6.00 loaf in a boutique bakery. If you are now buying those mushy and preservative and additive laden “bread industry” loaves for about $2.00, you will still be saving a lot – about 60%.

So, how can you lose?

Some benefits of bread baking at home…

• Far more nutritious for your family
• Much better tasting
• Wonderful crust with great inside (crumb)
• No preservatives or harmful additives
• Great feelings of self satisfaction
• The wonderful aroma of fresh bread
• And, you save lots of money, too

But, you say “baking takes too much time”

• You can have fresh bread every day with
as little as 5 minutes work a day
• Great bread does take time, but the dough
is doing its thing while you do other things
• It is so simple. Only 4 ingredients:
flour, salt and yeast + water

Why bake bread
Why bake bread? We firmly believe that you can bake better – healthier and tastier – breads in your own kitchen than you can find in any store
Bread Baking Terms
Bread Baking Terms will answer many of the questions you might have about baking terms, like what does kneading mean; or what is the difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour.
Bread Recipes
A quick and easy way to find all of the bread recipes on EasyBreadBaking. Bread recipes are listed alphabetically and link to pages of recipes listed by type.
NO-KNEAD BREAD … a revolution in home bread baking”
No-knead bread is the easiest way you will find to a bake basic white, kalamata olive, rye, or whole wheat honey bread.
No-Knead Recipes
An alphabetical listing of all no-knead recipes at EasyBreadBaking.com will make it easy to find the recipe you want.
Ethnic breads - Breads from around the world and next door
Ethnic breads -pita, bagels, focaccia - that taste as good or better than store breads can be made at home.
Ethnic Bread Recipes
An alphabetical listing of all of the ethnic bread recipes at EasyBreadBaking.com will make it easy to find the recipe you want.
Yeast breads
Yeast breads can be very simple or quite complex. They have been made for hundreds of years, so it is easy for today's baker with vastly improved equipment, ingredients, and recipes.
Yeast Bread Recipes
An alphabetical listing of all yeast bread recipes at EasyBreadBaking.com will make it easy to find the recipe you want.
Quick Breads
Quick breads can be sweet or savory. They are quick, easy, and simple to do.
Quick Bread Recipes
An alphabetical listing of all of the quick bread recipes at EasyBreadBaking.com.
Homemade Mixes
Homemade mixes provide an easy, economical way for today's baker to prepare delicious baked goodies. A busy lifestyle makes having mixes available a real timesaver.
Ask the Baker
Your bread won't rise? <b>Ask the Baker!</b> What is gluten? What does it look like when the dough has doubled in bulk?
Contribute to Easybreadbaking
Would you like to share your knowledge about easybreadbaking? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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